Silverlight Tams Watch Released Silverlight Icon Tridonia has just released the latest version of Tams incorporating a Microsoft Silverlight Tams Watch front end.

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Tams Inventory and Audit Product Brief Tams Inventory and Audit Product Breif Read the latest Tams Inventory and Audit Product Brief. See how easy it is to configure and use.

Tams User Experience Tracker Product Brief Tams User Experience Tracker Product Breif Read the latest Tams User experience Tracker Product Brief. Quick to set up easy to use.

Company Profile

Tridonia was founded in 2003 by a team of experienced and highly dedicated IT professionals with over 40 years of experience. Tridonia is located in North Wales, in the UK.

Our product suite, Tams, has been designed to provide total IT enterprise management cover, with minimum management overheads and maximum usability.

Tams provides an easy-to-use and cost effective application assurance, system & network management, capacity planning and server & desktop asset management system. This software helps organizations eliminate unnecessary IT outages, maximise service availability and reduce the costs of systems management.

Tridonia has a rapidly growing customer base which is a result of the software giving the client the tools they require to manage their systems effectively at the right price. Our aim is to provide excellent products and support for our customers. The software packages are developed in house by a team of designers and developers, this allows us to respond to our customers needs through new features and enhancements to the product.
Tridonia's major clients include Royal Liver Assurance, QVC and the Littlewoods organisation.
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