Silverlight Tams Watch Released Silverlight Icon Tridonia has just released the latest version of Tams incorporating a Microsoft Silverlight Tams Watch front end.

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Infrastructure Management

Keeping your finger on the pulse...

It's a given your management system will tell you when systems are down, right? But how much assistance will it provide in preventing service outage? Providing advance warning of outages either via early warning of capacity shortages or advanced notice of hardware failure is what Tams is all about, giving your organisation the time to fix before any impact is felt by users.

Server Availability.


Tams provides detailed agent free monitoring of servers. It uses SNMP & Windows Performance Counters to monitor Windows systems and SNMP to monitor a wider range of operating systems. With out the box capabilities to manage:
  • Widows (NT,2000,2003,XP,Vista,2008)
  • Linux
  • Sun
  • AIX
  • HPUX
  • BSD
  • IPSO (Nokia Firewalls)
All systems monitored by Tams have a core set of parameters monitored (with thresholds compared for alerting and values collected for trending):
  • Process/Service availability : Is an application running
  • CPU Utilisation
  • Memory Utilisation
  • Disc Utilisation
  • Nic Utilisation
In addition Windows devices can have any Performance Counter monitored, with a default set of 9 counters being monitored including:

  • % disc busy
  • disc writes/sec
  • disc reads/sec
  • disc queue length
  • hard page faults
  • processor interrupts/sec

with the ability to extend this to any of the other thousands of performance counters available in seconds.

For SQL systems:

  • SQLServer: SQL Statistics: Batch Requests/Sec counter
  • SQLServer: SQL Statistics: SQL Compilations/Sec counter
  • SQLServer: Databases: Log Flushes/sec counter
  • SQL Server Locks Object: Number of Deadlocks/sec
  • SQL Server Locks Object: Average Wait Time (ms)
  • Server Buffer Manager Object: Buffer Cache Hit Ratio
  • SQLServer:Memory Manager: Total Server Memory (KB)
  • SQLServer:Memory Manager: Target Server Memory (KB)
  • SQL Server Buffer Mgr: Page Life Expectancy
  • SQL Server Buffer Mgr: Lazy Writes/Sec
  • SQL Server Buffer Mgr: Checkpoint Pages/Sec

For IIS:

  • System\Context Switches/sec
  • System\System Calls/sec
  • Web Service\Bytes Total/sec
  • Web Service\Total Method Requests/sec
  • Web Service\Current Connections
  • Web Service Cache\File Cache Hits %
  • Web Service Cache\Kernel:URI Cache Flushes
  • Web Service Cache\Kernel:URI Cache Misses
  • Web Service Cache\Kernel:URI Cache Hits %
  • Active Server Pages\Request Wait Time
  • Active Server Pages\Requests Queued
  • Active Server Pages\Transactions/sec

For Exchange:

  • SMTP Server\Work Queue Length
  • SMTP Server\Local Queue Length
  • SMTP Server\Messages received /sec
  • SMTP Server\Messages delivered /sec
  • MSExchangeMTA Connections\Queue Length
  • MSExchangeIS\Send queue size
  • MSExchangeIS\Receive queue size
  • MSExchangeIS Mailbox\Messages Sent/min
  • MSExchangeIS Mailbox\Messages Delivered/min
  • MSExchangeIS User Count

But with any additional counters being available to be viewed in real time, as if of interest, added in in seconds:
Tams Plus Counter Definition
The Tams Performance Counter definition screen lets you link to any device and navigate, view and graph (via a seamless Ajax enabled graph) any counters even if Tams is not monitoring them. If a counter is relevant it can be added to be collected and/or have multiple thresholds at the click of a button. A counter can be set for monitoring for just that device, or for all devices being monitored. It all means that tuning Tams to monitor precisely as you require is a fast and effortless process.

Information is everything, so Tams maximises the value of the data collected by automatically producing daily monthly and yearly graphs for all areas. Of course as part of Tams maintenance free methodology it will automatically expire the underlying data, and will delete old graphs without intervention.

Alongside this Tams takes in Syslog and SNMP trap events and maps them to a server's status.

Tams will automatically check to see if the monitored devices have an HP (Insight), IBM (Director) or Dell (OpenManage) server agent installed. If they do Tams will then poll for hardware status - Fan, Power supply, Temperature, Motherboard, Memory, Raid, Disc, NIC  etc and will raise alerts for any degraded components. Tams will automatically apply default thresholds and produce graphs for all the values it polls, so as soon as a device is in Tams it will be proactively monitored without any ongoing work being needed.

Network Availability.

Tams has a parallel scalable multithreaded SNMP Trap listener and Syslog Server and is capable of receiving and translating into meaningful events any information sent from network devices. Preconfigured for Cisco devices (where Tams will automatically pick up on hardware status - Temperature, Backplane/ chassis, Blade/ card, Fan, Power supply etc and will raise alerts for any degraded components) but with an open structured translation module that can format any sort of Trap or Syslog event into a Tams alert. This same Trap and Syslog facility has been configured to allow status visibility of Environmental Monitors and UPS systems, so Tams has the ability to monitor server/comms room environments and underlying power supply stability. .

Visibly Efficient ...

Tams graphs all relevant statistics with no configuration needed, all graphs are collated on a daily, monthly and yearly basis, meaning it's an incredibly easy process to see exactly how you infrastructure is performing and in which direction that performance is heading.


Real Time Enterprise Awareness
How would you like to have a constant real time view of your top 10 busiest CPU's, or the top 10 slowest discs in terms of queue times or latency, top 10 systems in terms of hard page faults, top 10 regards memory exhaustion etc etc. How about seeing graphs of all of these and more, together, automatically updated from any browser.

Tams Plus views give you a seamless real time top 10 graph of all metrics being collected. Select any metrics you wish and Tams will begin graphing you the Ten most relevant occurrences of that value, updating automatically. Each web page allows you to view the top 10's for six different metrics, but you can have as many pages open as required, looking at any and all metrics to see how you whole enterprise is performing at a glance.

Want more than just the Top 10? Select the graph in question to view all the elements it manages, automatically updating to give you a live view of every single instance of that metric across your whole enterprise.


Part of the whole Tams environment

All infrastructure information is supported by uXt Service Monitoring. With all events being passed through the Tams advanced Event Processing stream, before being displayed in the intelligent TamsWatch dashboard, Tams will give you the essential depth, visibility, and ease of use, to make enterprise management a reality.
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