Silverlight Tams Watch Released Silverlight Icon Tridonia has just released the latest version of Tams incorporating a Microsoft Silverlight Tams Watch front end.

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Ease of Use

Installation. Fast, Effortless and Effective.

Tams has been designed from the offset to be easy to install and configure.
From out the box follow the installation instructions and within minutes Tams will be installed.
Once installed simply start a browser, connect to the Tams service, enter the default information and Tams is up and running.
The Tams systems automatically tidies all information from the database and the flat files so there is on maintance required, i.e if you delete a device Tams will automatically delete all information relating to that device after 90 days.

Auto Discover The superfast autodiscover will discover your devices and with one click of the button they are added to Tams.

The system is now configured to use the defaults and will gather data and produce realtime alerts for the systems just added. If you wish you can now configure the system to suit your organisation, using the managment menu

Inventory Client Installation

Inventory. Takes care of Itself.

The installation of the client software is easy to deploy and flexiable (from login script, locally installed or remote collection) This allows for auditing of all your desktops even mobile PCs.

Inventory Auto Discover Setup is easy using the client discover screen. You can install to multiple clients in minutes.
Inventory needs no maintance once setup Just add and delete devices as and when needed. The system automatically tidies all information from both its database and web reports. i.e. you remove a device and inventory will automatically remove the device from its records after a predefined time.
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