Silverlight Tams Watch Released Silverlight Icon Tridonia has just released the latest version of Tams incorporating a Microsoft Silverlight Tams Watch front end.

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Historic Graphs

CPU Daily Graph CPU Monthly Graph CPU Yearly Graph CPU Monthly Graph CPU Yearly Graph

Tams Graphing. When you need it

Tams is designed to visualize as much of its information as possible (without any work needed by the administrator). All statistics (such as a uXt transaction’s response times or a system’s CPU usage, disc space etc) are automatically graphed on a daily, monthly and yearly basis with the ability to drill down for more details or switch to a different system for the same metric, switch to a different metric for the same system or change dates being viewed all being point and click operations. All graphs are updated bythe system ,but can be updated manually or set to automatic so you can have minute by minute information. Exceptions are displayed at the bottom of the graph so you can instantly identify the problem.

SLA Daily Graph SLA Graphs. Monitoring your serverice levels is easy with Tams, every service you configure is automatically graphed. The graph displays the in core hours and the percentage for that day. Monthly graphs show the daily SLA . Quick and easy to see if you have met your SLA targets.

Dynamic Graphs

Tams Plus Graphs. Gives you up to date information whenever you need it

Top 10 Discs Top 10 Discs Top 10 Metrics Top 10 Metrics Tams Plus View With Ajax allowing web pages to seamlessly update themselves we’ve introduced graphs that show real time top ‘n’ occurrences across the enterprise. The Tams Plus view is a single page that allows six real time “top 10” to be graphed from any metrics tams is collecting, so you can see (for example) the top 10 most utilised CPU/systems in an organisation, and exactly how busy they are, alongside the top 10 busiest discs (and again exactly how busy they are), next to the top 10 hardest hit systems in terms of page faults, top 10 in terms of least memory available etc.. etc all updating themselves automatically to show the actual state of play across the whole enterprise. In addition we have real time (web based) views to show specific systems health for SNMP & WMI based metrics, again seamlessly updating themselves using Ajax.

Inventory Graphs

Inventory Data. All the information you need

Inventory front end screen Inventory OS pie chart Inventory OS pie chart Inventory coftware chart Inventory software chart All inventory graphs are produced at the enterprise level then produced at department/business-unit level (as discovered from Active Directory) so it is easy to see how many copies of a product, or type of PC etc are in use across the whole enterprise, but then seconds to see the same information for a particular department. Wherever possible inventory information is visualised – pie charts showing O/S distributions, bar charts showing software, patch, hardware type distributions etc, all cross referenced so you can drill down graph to see a list of devices , then select from the list to see the detailed inventory for that device. Or you can drill up select a piece of software, patch etc and one click lets you drill up and see other devices who share the same criteria. Items of software can be promoted to “Products” where license limits can be applied, and that are tied to one or more executables in a mandatory/optional form i.e. if someone has office professional installed, but does not use Access, then they could just as well have office standard installed – Tams will indentify this situation., allowing you to save money .Tams automatically includes the definitions for a number of common “Products, but can easily be customised to include any product.

Inventory query screen The customised query screen allows you to design a query to find the information you require, i.e. Display all devices with Office and lotus notes installed. Within seconds you have all the information displayed on the screen ready to print as a report.
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