Silverlight Tams Watch Released Silverlight Icon Tridonia has just released the latest version of Tams incorporating a Microsoft Silverlight Tams Watch front end.

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The TamsWatch Silverlight based dashboard provides a front end aimed at meeting any and all needs:
picture of tams watch This web based RUI dashboard is a fully interactive, real time, exception based view of Tams monitored systems' health instantly highlighting problem issues and areas, highlighting new faults until they are acknowledged (and even highlighting cleared faults in the same way if required).

One For All...

TamsWatch has the ability to fully filter the underlying Tams systems so Tams can monitor the whole enterprise but TamsWatch will present fully customised views of the monitored environment to suit requirements based upon system type, group and alert priority - filtering out devices, alerts and summary (user defined group) views that are not required by the user. So for example:
  • The server team can just monitor all the OS devices
  • The network team can monitor all network devices
  • The support desk can monitor live systems regardless of their type...
  • ...or maybe just critical systems
  • The Test team can just view Test systems
  • The Unix team can just monitor the Unix systems etc etc
With Tams appearing as a dedicated management system specific to each of the teams based upon their configuration.

So One Tams system can monitor the whole environment from services, systems, servers, applications and networks, with the advantage of all information being available in one location, and with the reduced administration costs of only needing to maintain one management system. However as described above, Tams can, at the click of a button, present a totally customised view based upon the user's requirement, looking as if each user of the system has their own dedicated monitoring platform - One for All - One system able to meet the individual requirements of all sections/individuals.
 Tams Watch images example The settings and customised views can be saved on a per PC/Browser basis, so the system will start with the same filters next time it is launched from that PC. Views can be named, with the name appearing in place of the TamsWatch Branding at the top of the page, so TamsWatch views can be easily branded to reflect a company and/or department they are relevant to. Views can be zoomed to fit the largest or smallest screens, and as everything is vector based they stay pin sharp regardless of size : zoomed tams watch image
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