Silverlight Tams Watch Released Silverlight Icon Tridonia has just released the latest version of Tams incorporating a Microsoft Silverlight Tams Watch front end.

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User Experience Tracking

Service Availability. The key metric, are your services correctly reaching end users?

Tams' lightweight remote installable agents - user eXperience tracker (uXt) agents - constantly emulate user activity and measure and report on the success of that activity, both in terms of the response itself, and the time taken to respond. Transactions to test the services are set up on the Tams server, i.e. a set of web pages to navigate and expected responses, or a DHCP server to request from, ftp file to request etc. Within these you can also assign response time thresholds, times during the day to operate etc. uXt agents out on the network can then be assigned these transactions to carry out. One uXt agent can carry out any number of transactions. Alerts are generated if a failure is detected, if a web page (or SQL query etc) doesn't contain expected results, or if a response time threshold is violated. Alerts are automatically cleared should an exception be resolved. Statistics are collected per poll with daily, monthly and yearly summary graphs being generated.
uXt diagram
  • A Single Tams installation license allows for unlimited User Experience Tracking agents to be installed, across the whole Network.
  • Agents will continually check on services, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  •  Check from any and all key areas of the network.
  • See your services as your users see them, from where your users see them.
  • With the ability to check on Availability, Response Times and Response Contents....

Quality Assurance. Tams will not only identify if a service is being received, but will also quality assure the service, from ensuring it contains the correct content to validating response time, Tams uXt is the essential component to continuous quality service to your users. identify when your services are being received by your users, but also when, where and how they are failing to get to your users

As easy as 1,2,3 ...

Getting your uXt service assurance environment up and running with Tams is a fast and easy process. Once you've provided the correct security credentials, it's as easy as:

    Device Discovery
  1. Discover your desktop devices.

  2. uXt client discovery
  3. Select the devices you want uXt agents installed upon. One click then installs the agents.

  4. uXt agent screen
  5. Match you uXt agents up against the checks you wish them to perform, give them an optional Area Name to show the area they represent.
And you're done! uXt agents will automatically detect any new or changed checks they should perform and immediately begin carrying them out. Thresholds will be applied, exceptions reported and all performance statistics collected and graphed without any further or onging work required.

Essential Monitoring

uXt agents can monitor all your essential services..
  • MsSQL, Oracle SQL DB statements and results
  • DHCP
  • FTP and SMB file transfer
  • Email SMTP, Pop
  • DNS
  • LDAP
  • SSH
  • Telnet
And as Tams will check your services 24 hours a day, every day, you can rest assured it will always notify you of failure, regardless of the Day or Time... When applications fail over the weekend, or when an out of hours change goes awry, you'll have the essential notification, and then the time, to fix the problem before your users are even aware that there's a issue. Plus Tams will assure you the fix has worked, no more guessing that a centrally applied fix has repaired a problem out in a remote location, the uXt agent in that area will tell you if your service is back or not.

Part of the whole Tams environment

All uXt information will be automatically trended and supported by Tams' Infrastructure Monitoring. With all events being passed through the Tams advanced Event Processing stream, before being displayed in the intelligent TamsWatch dashboard, Tams will give you the essential visibility, and ease of use, to make enterprise service assurance a reality.
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